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Buildsafe gives you peace of mind knowing that every step of the way we have your edge protection safety compliance covered.


What’s in the box?

Buildsafe offers a holistic safety solution where you can be sure of a compliant build from the outset. From our specially designed and engineered products right through to our responsive operations team, we have you covered for all stages of your build.

Engineer  <br/>Certified


All products are engineered to conform to Australian Standards and are Third Party certified.

Installation  <br/>Manuals


A comprehensive set of installation manuals identify how each product is installed safely, and address engineer specifications in order to be able to certify as structurally sound.

Competent  <br/>Installers


An experienced installation team is at your service. All employees must undertake product specific training and assessment to be deemed a competent installer. Assessment is based on a three‐tiered scale, measured on both experience and skill level.

Risk Assessment &<br/>High Risk SWMS

Risk Assessment &
High Risk SWMS

Prior to every installation a site specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is prepared and risk assessment conducted to ensure the installation can be carried out safely and in accordance with our engineering standards.

Electronic Handover <br/>Certification

Electronic Handover

Once the job has been certified as fit for use by one of our senior installers, a detailed product specific audit is uploaded to our Client Portal for client viewing.

Client Audit <br/>Checklist

Client Audit

Transparency is important to us. With this in mind an installation checklist is available for you to audit pre‐existing installations to maintain structural integrity during use.

Quality  <br/>Control


A complete quality control system is in place. Inspection processes and maintenance procedures are in force to certify that products are fit for use.

Orange Box  <br/>Documentation

Orange Box

Buildsafe can provide a complete set of document credentials so you can demonstrate a safe worksite and show that you have chosen a reputable supplier.

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Our Clients

Buildsafe works closely with the construction industry to provide safety solutions to everyone from owner builders up to major site developers.