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Buildsafe’s Ground-up Fallguard system supports against the exterior wall with rubber pads, allowing work to be completed from behind the safety system.  Furthermore, the Ground Up Scaffolding allows construction work of roof, box guttering, flashing and capping and much more, without the need to alter the system.  With no fixing point required, this enables the system to be used on almost any external finishes, including polystyrene cladding.

Product Feature Highlight

Using our Ground-up fallguard means no patching up or repaid work necessary once the job is complete, as well as no fixing required to face brick. In addition to this, it is a perfect solution for zero eave guard rail requirements.

The unique design of the fallguard allows the installation of a handrail, where other supplies would otherwise offer intrusive scaffolding.

*patent pending

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Provides maximum stability


Providing additional on-site protection

Unique Solutions

Buildsafe’s highly experienced and professional team offers a special service to meet the needs of every project.

A tailored project will be established and completed when the determined timeframe. For all your edge protection needs you need look no further.