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Buildsafe’s patented Lower Roof Walkway system is the most versatile of roof walkway system on the market, reducing build time, whilst preventing damage to the roof sheets. In addition to this, Buildsafe’s Lower Roof Walkway system is a specifically designed system to allow trades to complete cladding, painting and soffits uninterrupted. It is secured to lower roofs, providing a safe platform to work from.

Product Feature Highlight

Lower Roof Walkway system can be fitted to both tin or tiled roofs, or to trussed or battened roofs in order to provide a safe level platform to work from. It is designed to replace scaffold where a builder would conventionally run scaffold through the roof below, preventing work being fully complete whilst the product was installed.

Unique Solutions

Buildsafe’s highly experienced and professional team offers a special service to meet the needs of every project.

A tailored project will be established and completed when the determined timeframe. For all your edge protection needs you need look no further.